Welcoming a newborn into your family is a joyous and memorable experience. It's only natural to want to capture those precious moments and create lasting memories through professional newborn photography. When it comes to choosing the right newborn session, there are two popular options: in-home newborn sessions and outdoor sunset newborn sessions. Each offers a unique experience and aesthetic, allowing you to select the style that best suits your preferences – all of my sessions include access to the client/bub wardrobe so there's no need to stress about what to wear.

Keep reading to discover which session is right for you and your family!

In-home Newborn Sessions

In-home newborn sessions take place within the comfort of your own home, creating an intimate and personalised atmosphere for your baby's first professional photo shoot – generally in-home sessions take place around 1-3 weeks of age, sessions are a mixture of lifestyle and gentle posing.

Here are some key features of in-home sessions:


One of the main advantages of an in-home newborn session is the convenience it offers. As new parents, you may find it more comfortable to have the photographer come to you, eliminating the need to travel with a newborn.

Familiar Environment

Your home provides a familiar and cozy setting for your baby, allowing them to feel relaxed and secure. Sessions normally take around 60-90mins this allows enough time for feeding/ changing breaks.

This can result in more natural and candid photos, capturing the genuine moments of your baby's early days.

Personalised Touch

In-home sessions provide an opportunity to incorporate meaningful elements from your home, such as nurseries, special blankets, or heirlooms. These personal touches add sentimental value to the photographs and make them even more meaningful.

Outdoor Sunset Newborn Sessions

Outdoor sunset newborn sessions offer a different look and feel (and are one of my favourites to shoot), taking advantage of natural light and the beauty of nature. These sessions are perfect for when you are looking for something unique with your session, outdoor newborn sessions are perfect for babies from 2-8 weeks. Often I get clients who are in the middle of a big move, building/renovating or not in their forever homes yet and an outdoor session is a great fit for them.

Serene & Scenic Settings

By venturing outdoors, you can take advantage of picturesque locations such as fields, parks, or even the beach. The soft, warm light during the golden hour (the hour before sunset) creates a dreamy ambiance, adding a touch of magic to your baby's photos.

Variety of Backgrounds

Outdoor sessions provide a wide range of natural backdrops, allowing for more diverse and visually appealing photographs. Whether it's a field of flowers, a rustic path, or a tranquil lake, the possibilities are endless. I bring along a basket/ blankets for some bub-only shots as well!

Connection with Nature

Immersing your newborn in the beauty of nature can create breathtaking images that reflect the serenity and innocence of this stage in life. The natural surroundings can enhance the overall aesthetic and evoke a sense of wonder and joy.

Choosing the Right Session for You

When deciding between an in-home newborn session and an outdoor sunset newborn session, consider the following factors:

  1. Comfort: Assess your comfort level with having the session at home or in an outdoor environment. Some parents prefer the coziness and convenience of their own space, while others enjoy the idea of incorporating nature into their photos.
  2. Style and Aesthetic: Think about the visual appeal you're looking for in your newborn photographs. In-home sessions often capture the warmth and intimacy of family life, while outdoor sessions offer a more ethereal and natural vibe.
  3. Weather and Season: Take into account the climate and weather conditions during the time of the session. Outdoor sessions may be more suitable during mild seasons, whereas in-home sessions can be done year-round. (I've got you covered with beautiful knit pieces and blankets!)

Ultimately, the choice between an in-home newborn session and an outdoor sunset newborn session comes down to personal preference. Both options offer distinct advantages and produce beautiful results. Consider your own style, comfort, and the overall atmosphere you want to convey in your newborn's photos. Whichever option you choose, it's important to hire a professional newborn photographer who specialises in the chosen style and has experience working with newborns.

Capturing the early moments of your newborn's life through professional photography is a wonderful way to preserve those precious memories forever. Whether you opt for an in-home newborn session or an outdoor sunset newborn session, both choices offer unique advantages and create stunning images. I love capturing newborn love-bubble, this is a time that flies by so make sure you capture this moment in time to cherish for years to come of your baby's first days.

If you're thinking about booking in a newborn session, wether it's in-home or outdoors, I highly recommend getting in touch as soon as possible – I generally book out about 2-3 months for sunset sessions.

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