Take a big deep breath and go with the flow of the session, I want to capture you and your family exactly as you are, so let the kids run wild for an hour and enjoy the moment.

Feeling a bit camera shy?

Sure, we’ll get the classic everyone smiling at the camera shot for grandma but there's magic in those in-between moments when your caught off-guard or laughing your head off with your little ones, thats what I capture; genuine and authentic fun moments between you and your family to create timeless memories.

I'm worried about nap time!?

Outdoor sessions are held at golden hour, the most beautiful time of day with soft light & golden tones. In summer, sessions can start around 6:30-7:00pm so if you have little ones and are worried about nap time a winter session might be the right fit for you with sessions starting around 4:00pm! 

What do we wear?

Don’t match. Coordinate! Choose a colour palette first of 3-4 colours and let this be your starting place, think blue tones, earthy tones, neutrals, pastels etc. Pick a statement piece for either mum or kids and work the rest of the families outfits around this using different colours in your palette and texture. When you book your session with me I'll send through a detailed style guide and mums you'll get full access to the client wardrobe of stunning dresses.